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From Date To Mate: Episode 3

December 3, 2009
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Drama unfolds as cast members of “From Date to Mate” face consequences of their actions in trying to find that perfect match. Third episode of Shalom TV’s original series on the Jewish dating scene from director Sloan Copeland.

From Date to Mate: Episode 2

December 2, 2009
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After their initial dates, four urban Jewish singles continue searching for that “special someone” via an online Jewish dating service on this second episode of Shalom TV’s original mock reality series written and directed by Sloan Copeland.

From Date to Mate: Episode 1

December 1, 2009
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Premiere of a mock reality series following four Jewish singles navigating the New York singles’ scene with the help of a Jewish online dating service in seeking that “special someone.” A Shalom TV original production created by Sloan Copeland.

In celebration of the 50-year anniversary of women in the rabbinate, Hadassah Magazine Executive Editor Lisa Hostein moderates a panel featuring the “Four Firsts,” the four extraordinary women who each made history by being the first ordained rabbi in their respective denominations — Rabbis Sally Pries, Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, Amy Eilberg and Sara Hurwitz.

Prepare For Sinai – Episode 40

October 15, 0201
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The dramatic account of what it was like for the Children of Israel to stand at “Sinai” to hear the voice of God, and how the rabbis explain the ways in which each person “heard” God that day. A JBS original series with Rabbi Mark S. Golub.