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In the News: Holly Huffnagle

November 24, 2022
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Holly Huffnagle, American Jewish Committee U.S. Director for Combating Antisemitism, weighs in on the monologue delivered by comedian Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live that has been criticized for normalizing antisemitic tropes. With Teisha Bader.

Rabbi on the Sidelines: Meredith Shiner

November 23, 2022
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Meredith Shiner, award-winning journalist, former national political reporter and commentator, joins Rabbi Sherman to discuss the intersection of sports and politics, as she explores in her Tablet podcast, “The Franchise: Jews, Sports, and America”.

Hampton Authors: Dan Glickman

November 21, 2022
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Dan Glickman discusses Laughing at Myself: My Education in Congress, on the Farm, and at the Movies, his book that combines humor with serious reflection to recount his journey from the Midwest to becoming the first Jewish secretary of agriculture.

In The News: Sarit Zehavi

November 21, 2022
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Sarit Zehavi, Founder and CEO, Alma Research and Education Center, discusses Israel’s recent maritime agreement with Lebanon, as well as overall challenges for Israel up north with Iran and Hezbollah. With Shahar Azani on location on the northern border of Israel.

Hampton Authors: Eleanor Reissa

November 18, 2022
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Eleanor Reissa discusses The Letters Project, her tough, honest, and often funny memoir that takes readers back in time through her family’s past in Germany and Israel with Rabbi Avraham Bronstein in a program of The Hampton Synagogue.

L’Chayim: Alan Dershowitz

November 16, 2022
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Alan Dershowitz, author, activist and Harvard Law Professor Emeritus, implores viewers to look at the reality and facts of his involvement with Epstein, Giuffre and Trump, as Mark S. Golub interrogates him on the issues that cost him his reputation.

Rabbi on the Sidelines: Arnie Kander

November 14, 2022
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Arnie Kander, world renown strength and conditioning coach for the Detroit Pistons joins Rabbi Sherman to discuss the faith it takes to be both physically and mentally prepared for the game on and off the court.

In The News: Israel’s Next Government

November 14, 2022
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Following Israel’s national elections, JBS Senior Vice President Shahar Azani, on location in Israel, sits down with Israeli author and political pundit, Ben-Dror Yemini, to discuss what’s in the cards for Israel’s next government.

Jewish Cinémathèque: Four Winters

November 10, 2022
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Director Julia Mintz discusses the courageous Jewish fighters celebrated in Four Winters, her film that shatters the myth of Jewish passivity as it documents the bravery and leadership of the Partisans and the ways in which Jews resisted the Nazis

World Zionist Organization gala in honor of the First Zionist Congress, an event convened and presided over by Theodor Herzl that set the wheels in motion for the creation of the Jewish State, 125 years ago in Basel, Switzerland.