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Elliot Steinmetz, the winningest coach at Yeshiva University and Division III Men’s Basketball Coach of The Year for three years running, reveals the magic behind the YU team, the secret to his historic 50-game winning streak, and how he combines sports and faith at the highest levels.

Danny Ayalon, former Israeli Ambassador to the US, shares his perspective on US President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Israel. He discusses what the visit means for the US-Israel relationship, how it was viewed by the Palestinians, prospects for peace, the US & Israel stances on Iran, concern re anti-Israel sentiment by a minority of […]

JBS News Update – 7/22/22

July 22, 2022
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JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from July 22nd, 2022 Stories Include: Terror Thwarted in Jerusalem’s Old City, PM Updates Bahraini Crown Prince, DM Speaks on Accords, Palestinians at US Conf, Jewish Candidate Unhurt After Attack, Berlin Holocaust Memorial Defaced, Interfaith Call to Bolster Nonprofit Protections Programming: At 5:30pm it’s a look at this week’s […]

JBS News Update – 7/21/22

July 21, 2022
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JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from July 21st, 2022 Stories Include: Report: Russia Calls to Close Jewish Agency, PM Calls for Broad, Stable National Govt, Kohavi Meets w/ Moroccan Jewish Community, Jewish Cemetery Vandalized in Istanbul, Memorial Trees Chopped at Nazi Camp, Hope for Long Term Covid Sufferers Programming: At 6:30pm it’s Good Week […]

JBS News Update – 7/20/22

July 21, 2022
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JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from July 20th, 2022 Stories Include: Lapid Meets with AIPAC Leaders, Civilians Honored for Stopping Terrorist, Macron Calls for Renewal of Dialogue, Surviving Mengele Twin Dies at 84, Jewish Pitcher Drafted to Yankees, Jewish Broadway Star Opens All Star Game Programming: At 6:30pm it’s Thinking Out Loud. At 7pm […]

JBS News Update – 7/19/22

July 19, 2022
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JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from July 19th, 2022 Stories Include: Israeli Moderately Hurt in Stabbing Attack, IDF Hits Hamas Post After Shooting at S. Israel, IDF Chief on Second Day of Morocco Visit, EU Council to Resume Meetings with Israel, Michaeli Wins Labor Primary, Galon to Run in Meretz Primary, Israeli Runner Wins […]

Thinking Out Loud: Pariahs

July 19, 2022
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JBS journalist Micah Halpern analyzes how three international pariah states- Russia, Venezuela, and Iran- interact with each other and serve each other’s interests on the international stage and behind closed doors. He also highlights the fraught case of Siamak Namazi, an American citizen who has been unjustly imprisoned in Iran since 2015 and is now […]

JBS News Update – 7/18/22

July 18, 2022
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JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from July 18th, 2022 Stories Include: Gaza Rockets Fired at Israel, None Hurt, Israeli Policeman Killed in Apparent Car-Ramming, PM on Car-Ramming, Rockets, Biden Visit, IDF Chief Makes Landmark Visit to Morocco, Remembering the 1994 AMIA Bombing, Remembering the Vel d’Hiv Round-Ups Programming: At 6:30pm Teisha Bader speaks with […]

In the Spotlight: Annie Polland

July 18, 2022
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Annie Polland, public historian, author, and President of the Tenement Museum in New York City, joins Abigail Pogrebin in conversation.

In The News: Letty Cottin Pogrebin

July 18, 2022
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Pioneering feminist, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, weighs in on the recent overturning of Roe v Wade, looks back at the struggle for women’s rights from the 1960’s and 1970’s, speaks about her personal experience with abortion and why she says the right to choose is so critical. With Teisha Bader.