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JBS News Update – 9/26/19

September 26, 2019
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JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from September 26th, 2019 Stories Include: 1 Hurt in Attempted Stabbing, Back & Forth Continues Btwn Parties, AG Rejects Request to Air Hearing, Abbas Addresses UN General Assembly, UN Report Slams Antisemitism, BDS, New UN Envoy Stands Firm with Israel, Population Stats Ahead of Rosh Hashanah

JBS News Update – 9/25/19

September 25, 2019
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JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from September 25th, 2019 Stories Include: PM Tasked to Form Next Government, Likud Gets 1 More Seat with Final Tally, 1 Hurt in Likely Terror Attack, Esteemed Producer Dies at 54, Influential Rocker Dies at 75, 1st Arab, Alongside Jew, Heads to ISS, Female IAF Pilot Breaks Barriers

Jewish Cinematheque: Tel Aviv On Fire

September 25, 2019
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Arab Israeli co-writer and director of the 2019 hit Israeli comedy “Tel Aviv on Fire,” Sameh Zoabi, describes how his film depicts a Palestinian working on a Jerusalem soap opera becoming friends with an Israeli checkpoint commander. Eric Goldman.

JOFA-Jewish Reproductive Rights

September 25, 2019
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JOFA discusses reproductive rights with Dr. Elana Stein Hain , Gail Katz , Dr. Susan Lobel and Dr. Michal Raucher . At Sixth Street Synagogue NYC.

JBS News Update – 9/24/19

September 24, 2019
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JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from September 24th, 2019 Stories Include: PM, Gantz Agree to Talk Unity, Trump Slams Iranian Threats to Israel, AJC Urges EU to Ban Terror Org, Iran Punished for Avoiding Israeli, UAE to Build Interfaith Compound, WI Synagogue Targeted, Exceptional Olim Honored

In The News: JBS & YouTube (Golub)

September 24, 2019
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JBS President Rabbi Mark S. Golub responds to YouTube’s characterizing his lecture on being a Liberal Jewish Zionist Today as “Hate Speech” and removing it from the website. For a transcript of Rabbi Golub’s expanded commentary write

Omar & Tlaib & Lies: Mort Klein

September 24, 2019
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ZOA Executive Director Mort Klein offers his opinion on Israel’s banning Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib, and analyzes Pres. Trump’s relationship to Israel, A program of the ZOA, hosted by Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, NJ

JBS News Update – 9/23/19

September 23, 2019
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JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from September 23rd, 2019 Stories Include: Pres. Launches Unity Talks, Joint List Backs Gantz, Without Balad, Outgoing Envoy Meets with Israeli Ldrs, Students Protest Antisemite’s Speech, Police Probe Synagogue Graffiti, Actress Honors Survivor Grandma in Win, Israel Looks Towards Tokyo 2020

JBS News Update – 9/20/19

September 20, 2019
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JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from September 20th, 2019 Stories Include: Rivlin to Meet with Parties Sun-Mon, LAPD Probes Synagogue Vandalism, NYPD Ups Patrols Ahead of New Year, Offensive Sign Language Gesture Defended, JTS Leader is Stepping Down, Latina Jewish Princess Makes TV Debut, A Call for Prayer and Unity, Mumbai Orphan Marks Bar-Mitzvah […]

Thinking Out Loud: Israel and Hezbollah

September 20, 2019
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On this episode of Thinking Out Loud, Micah Halpern focuses on on the tension between Israel and Hezbollah, and Arab leadership reaction. Ep. 140