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JBS would like to express its deepest concern and sympathy for all the Israelis killed and injured.
Many of you who watch JBS have immediate family living in Israel and all of us see Israelis as our extended family. Our hearts go out to everyone.

Please watch for our Program Alert emails and tune in to JBS often for updates as we continue adding new programs covering the war.
As we add new programs, they may not be reflected in the schedule below or your TV Guide channel due to the time it takes for updates to appear.


Yom Kippur Morning D’rash 2017 – Rabbi Mark S. Golub

Rabbi Mark S. Golub explores notions of chesded and doing acts of loving kindness as it relates honoring the memory of loved ones and being there for others. From Chavurot Aytz Chayim and Deevray Torah, Connecticut.


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