Rosh Hashanah Rap-Jewish High Holidays in 4 minutes

Inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical “‎Hamilton,” JBS President Rabbi Mark S. Golub surprises his CT congregation with a prayer in rap to end Erev Rosh Hashanah Services. CLICK DOWN ARROW BELOW TO SEE LYRICS:
At Westhill High
Rosh HaShanah Eve
To greet the Year – I do believe
We’ve come together to relieve

In piety
Our society and we
Need changing
From inside out
There is no doubt!
Teshuvah one and all
Is the Shofar’s call
A life well spent
Is no accident!
For there’s precedent
In what’s “heaven sent:”
“To love your neighbor as yourself!”

For I looked for my God – but could not see
And looked for my soul – it eluded me.
Till I looked for my brother
Then I found all three
Throughout History!
A kind of mystery
Glimpse Divinity!
That permeates
And punctuates
And radiates
At the right hand of every soul.

Sh’ma Yisrael!
We tell the tale
Of lessons learned
In tablets burned
Not in black and white
Just do what’s right!
“What is hurtful unto you do not do to another!”
“And if only for ourselves, what are we?”
An army of sheep?
Who weep?
Bo Peep – knew better.
In life whatever
One can do- one should do
Must do – we’ll do.

Naaseh V’neeshma – do and understand
And extend a hand
To make life sweeter for those we love,
And those we know,
And those we don’t.
And those who’re different
From ourselves!
But whose dignity
Is plain to see!
Divinity in all
Is our Torah’s call
And our Sages rant
In our tradition’s chant
There is no “Can’t”

When a soul’s in pain.
Don’t complain!

Learn at Nachshon’s knee
And split every Sea
The awesome majesty
Of what friends can be
When we make miracles for others.

As an Or L’Goyim – a Light unto the Nations
In righteous relations.
Our tradition’s best!
Don’t leave the nest
To join the rest
who follow the majority.

Rather Lech L’Chah to Pikuach Nefesh
That’s our People’s fetish –
Always choosing Life
Without sword or knife
But with mitzvah brave
Free every slave –
It’s what we crave
Our favorite!!

Matzah, Maror – the Paschal Lamb
Not shrimp or ham
But Matzah Brie with jam.
And challah sweet, every Friday night;
Candles burning bright;
With a Kiddush right?
Those we hold tight
Are there with us
To share with us

No time to wait
It’s time to celebrate
And elevate
In song – and joy – and love!

As we plant the seed
In each good deed
To clothe and feed
All those in need
Of companionship
“It is not good to be alone.”
Don’t forget to phone
Or write or text – (what’s coming next)?
But it’s best …to talk in person!

I and Thou
Do we know how?
But we can try
Eye to Eye –
That’s our lex talionis —
Which puts the onus on us.

For the last piece of cake
We never take
Without asking first
If there’s someone thirsting
For it’s miserable
To be invisible.
Attention must be paid!
Neglect must be laid aside,
Arms open Wide!

So congregate,
And always do appreciate –
To validate what’s good and true
In all you are — and all you do!
And give the hug
As heart strings tug
To lighten
And brighten
And reunite in
Life’s “Very Goodness!”
Tov M’od!
The road seldom taken
But not forsaken
Is Torah,
Brachah and Tovah!

Hallelujah – one and all
In Rosh Hashanah’s call
Said Loud and Clear
For us all to hear:
Have a sweet and really “GOOD” New Year!

L’Shanah Tovah!