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Obtain underwriting support for Witness, JBS’ powerful and moving series of testimonials from Holocaust survivors that is dedicated to the memory of the Six Million who did not survive the Shoah.

Memories of the Holocaust are fading and the remaining survivors are approaching the end of their lives. As a result, it is critical to have constant and broad exposure to survivors’ stories. Television is the most-watched medium in the world, and Witness shares survivors’ testimonials in a manner specifically designed for television viewing. Witness may well be the most effective and impactful living record of survivor testimonies available to both a Jewish and non-Jewish audience.

Witness interviews Holocaust survivors in stark accounts that describe their own experiences and the stories of those who perished. Witness is recorded in a unique fashion that enables viewers to feel an intimate connection with those offering personal testimonies. With only the interviewer’s voice heard off-camera, the viewer connects directly with survivors who are free to tell their stories in a way that conveys both the darkness of the Shoah and the transcendent spirit of Jews.

JBS has produced six episodes thus far.

Funding Needs
JBS seeks $180,000 to help underwrite the airing of Witness for one year. Recognition will include exclusive on-air listing of donor as principal supporter of the program at the opening and close of each episode for one year.

More detailed plans and budgets can be provided on request.