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Obtain underwriting support to sustain and expand JBS’ original series, From the Aleph-Bet, one of the most-watched programs on JBS, with an audience from age 7 to 70.

The Hebrew language is a critical part of many aspects of Jewish life, including music, prayer, and entertainment, and of visiting and living in Israel. Not every Jew has access to or is comfortable with taking Hebrew classes in person, and many are uncomfortable or reluctant to participate in Jewish life without basic knowledge of Hebrew. Non-Jews are also interested in learning the original language of the Bible.

From The Aleph-Bet is recognized as a very innovative approach to teaching Hebrew that has proven successful with the complete spectrum of viewers — Jewish and non-Jewish. In contrast with the way in which most American Jews learn Hebrew (phonetically), From the Aleph-Bet teaches viewers how to both read and understand Hebrew as the language of Jewish religious life. It gives an introduction to the language, featuring animations of Hebrew letters and explanations of how to pronounce Hebrew words. This series has provided thousands of viewers with lessons on how to read and understand Hebrew and how Jewish values are revealed in Hebrew vowels and word constructions.

Funding Needs
JBS seeks a gift of $75,000 to help underwrite the airing of From the Aleph-Bet for one year. Recognition will include exclusive listing of donor as principal supporter of program at the opening and close of each episode for one year.

A more detailed plan and budget can be provided on request.