What is JBS

JBS is a free full time non-profit American Jewish television channel covering the panorama of Jewish life, totally dedicated to Jewish themes. It is independent of any religious denomination or Jewish organization and is not a religious channel. Our mainstream programming includes News, Israel, Children, Movies, Jewish Studies and Culture. JBS is for everyone who wishes to learn more about Jewish life, Jewish tradition, Jewish culture, Jewish history, and the Land of Israel.


Who is JBS?

JBS is a presentation of Jewish Education in Media, a non-profit 501c(3) organization, committed to Jewish life, the State of Israel, and the future of the Jewish people. JBS is managed by a team of Jewish and television professionals. The Channel’s President and Executive Producer, Rabbi Mark S. Golub, has been involved in Jewish media for 40 years and successfully created the first Russian-language channel for Jews from the former Soviet Union. Click here for the JBS management.


How does JBS support itself as a non-profit?

Like PBS, we depend on donations from Foundations and individuals for our support. Click here to Donate.

We also welcome sponsorship of a program area or episode. Click here for Sponsorship opportunities.

We also accept advertising.


How can I advertise on JBS?

JBS provides advertisers and organizations a wonderful opportunity to target messages to the Jewish community. To advertise on JBS,click here for more information.


Where can I find JBS?

JBS has its own channel number on each TV provider as well as internet access via the Roku streaming player, computers, tablets, smart phones and www.jbstv.org. For an up-to-date list of providers, click here for the Find Us tab. New providers are added periodically. If your provider is not listed, please fill out the TV Provider Request form on the Find Us page which we will forward to your provider and we will also use it to notify you when your provider has JBS.


How can I find out what individual programs are showing and the times they are showing?

There are three ways you can learn what is on JBS:

  • Use the Guide button on your television remote control.
  • Click here for the Channel Schedule.
  • Click here for the Newsletter Sign-up to receive our weekly email schedule.


Are any JBS programs in Hebrew?

As an American-based network, all JBS programs are in English or contain English subtitles. Viewers desiring Hebrew telecasts can enjoy Israeli movies presented in their native language and subtitled in English. JBS also produces an original series “From the Aleph-Bet” for those wishing to learn and understand Hebrew.


What programs will I see on JBS that I can't see on other networks?

Prior to JBS’s launch in 2006 when it was known as Shalom TV, there was no English-language television channel devoted to Jewish themes and the State of Israel. Now you can see extensive news and news analysis along with a myriad of programs celebrating Jewish culture and exploring issues that make Jewish life vibrant and exciting. For example:

• English-language daily news direct from Israel and JBS News Update that covers American and world-wide events.

• Live coverage of conferences and events such as AIPAC, the General Assembly and even special events from Israel. Key speaking engagements can also be seen on JBS-Jewish Broadcasting Service.

• Interviews of brilliant Jewish minds address world issues on “L’Chayim”.

• A front-row seat at major Jewish activities, presentations, exhibitions, and performances, including programs from the famous 92nd Street Y in New York City.

• The JBS-Jewish Broadcasting Service Jewish film festival featuring Jewish and Israeli movies and Yiddish classics.

• Live Shabbat and Holiday Services each Friday night and special Holidays for those who cannot attend in person.

• Jewish Studies including the Jewish tradition (from “Jewish 101′′ to “Dimensions of the Daf”, Kabbalah, Jewish history (with documentaries), and “From the Aleph Bet”, a unique series on learning to read Hebrew.

• Jewish culture in its broadest meaning including music, cuisine, and other forms of entertainment.

• Children’s programs every morning and afternoon that introduce young people to Jewish traditions, the Hebrew language, Jewish songs, and history of the Jewish people.


What can I do if I missed a program I wanted to watch?

Click here to search our video library, or you can request a DVD with a tax-deductible donation of $36 or more to the non-profit, Jewish Education in Media, which presents JBS.  Certain videos are also available for viewing on JBS YouTube.


What if I want a copy of a program I enjoyed?

For a minimum tax-deductible donation of $36 to Jewish Education in Media, the non-profit organization that presents JBS, we would be happy to send a DVD of JBS produced programs by clicking the Donate page. Please be sure to indicate which program you would like to receive or click here to search for the program you are looking for.


What can I do if my television provider does not carry JBS?

Check out our Find Us page for JBS availability in your area. You are also welcome to fill out the TV Provider Request Form and we will send it to your television provider.