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Obtain underwriting for JBS’ coverage of major Jewish conventions and conferences, which are either aired in real time or taped for later viewing.

Many people attend Jewish conferences and major events in person; however, many cannot attend for a number of reasons, including cost, mobility, distance to travel, calendar conflicts and illness.

While an organization may create an event that seats up to a few hundred people, JBS can bring the same to tens of thousands of viewers through multiple showings on its live channel and its archives. Viewership encourages involvement which may even lead to attendance the following year, and a greater commitment to the organization and to community.

JBS airs major events held by organizations such as AIPAC, the General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America, the American Jewish Committee Global Forum and regional events, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, the America-Israel Friendship League, the Union for Reform Judaism Biennial, and the Israeli Presidential Conference. In addition, we present organization galas, concerts, cultural events and major presentations by outstanding men and women who address the entire spectrum of Jewish life today, as well as lectures and celebrations held in individual communities.

Funding Needs
A gift of $25,000 or more will help underwrite the cost of one conference or event listed above. Named sponsorships are available for larger gifts as well as the opportunity to underwrite a conference of particular interest to the donor.

Recognition will include exclusive on-air listing of donor as principal supporter of program at the opening and close of each airing of the special event or conference.