Dear Rabbi Golub,

You blow my socks off.

I enjoy your Jewish 101 series, especially the Creation stories in Genesis and the Aleph-bet series. I hope all the episodes will be made available on you tube.

I wish I had known forty years ago  what you have taught me now. But learning does not stop when one reaches the ripe old age of twenty-two but continues  even when one reaches his dotage.

You make my thoughts take wing as I contemplate new ideas  or look at old ideas in new ways.

In your Jewish 101 episode of the second creation story, I was dumbfounded when you said YHWH is a verb. A form of “to be”. IT MAKES SENSE.

I also thank you for your lectures on Maimonides and His Guide for the Perplexed.

And thank you for introducing me to Rashi.

You know, I get the feeling you are only talking to me. I can listen to you all day….and I do.

Thank you for making the Torah accessible to me.

You blow my socks off.




About the JBS Series “Jewish 101”

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