• Patricia N Gabriel

    I enjoy the Aleph-Bet. I wish you would sell the CDs so I can take the lessons with me and study the language more.

  • Maria T. Hollenback

    I am Cuban born, came to the USA in 1945 at 10 years old. While still there I had knowledge of a newly arrived population that had quickly become business owners, a tightly knit group of people that kept to themselves, intellectual and well bred. Jews were known to us at time by the name “Polacos”. Geographical or derisive designation? It shames me to present that it was both plus the envy that arose in the people in my birthplace to see a displaced population move to the top of the class in such a brief time after arriving. I never forgot them and then I came to America, straight down to the Lower East Side where I met other groups of Jews not rich, not intellectual, not business owners, but strict Shomer Shabbat. There I found out they taught Hebrew and I was excited to go to the classes but my mother forbid it and told me it was not meant for me. Well. and I’ve spent 72 years with an empty place in my heart that is now, at 82 years old, still burning to learn to read and PRAY in Hebrew. I thank G-_ _ for you, Rabbi Golub, for the Aleph Bet, for the many repetitions that help this old lady to make a child’s dream come true, AND for opening my heart to all things Jewish thru JBS. Live and be well.

    Soli Deo Gloria, m.

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