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Mark Langfan

July 24, 2014
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Mark Langfan, Chairman of AFSI , shares the incredible topographical maps he’s created to demonstrate the truth about the history and geography of Israel and the West Bank. With Mark S. Golub on L’Chayim.

Ido Aharoni, Charles Schumer, Scott Stringer, Eliot Engel and Bob Sugarman speak at an event in support of Israel  put on by the IAC at the 92Y.

Episode 3

July 18, 2014
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The third episode of Shalom TV’s new series “Thinking Out Loud with Micah Halpern”.

Dr. Jonathan Halevy

July 10, 2014
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Dr. Jonathan Halevy, Director General of Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem compares healthcare in Israel and the US, and discusses the way in which his hospital serves the entire community, including Palestinians.

Gaylen Ross

July 9, 2014
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Filmmaker Gaylen Ross discusses her film “Killing Kasztner: The Jew Who Dealt With Nazis” which describes how Israel Kasztner saved Jewish children from the Holocaust but was later accused of collaborating with the Nazis and murdered by Israeli fanatics. L’Chayim with Mark S. Golub.

Episode 2

July 9, 2014
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The second episode of Shalom TV’s new series “Thinking Out Loud with Micah Halpern”.

Thane Rosenbaum & Peter Beinart

July 2, 2014
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Thane Rosenbaum, director of the Forum on Law, Culture & Society at NYU Law, and Peter Beinart, of The Atlantic, talk with Mark S. Golub on L’Chayim about the global perception of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Episode 1

July 2, 2014
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The series premiere episode of Shalom TV’s “THINKING OUT LOUD” with Micah Halpern.

Rabbi Yehuda Sarna

June 25, 2014
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Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, Hillel director at the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU, and one of the rising stars on the American Jewish scene, discusses his experiences with right-wing Orthodoxy and his assessment of Jewish college students today. With Mark S. Golub on LChayim.

Blue Bloods: Leonard Goldberg

May 13, 2014
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Shalom TV’s Mark Golub speaks with Leonard Goldberg, Executive Producer of CBS’ Blue Bloods starring Tom Selleck, about the Jewish foundation and ethical themes of a series based on an Irish family dedicated to law enforcement and the NYPD.