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In God We Trust: Ken Spiro

July 9, 2013
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A survey of how Judaism has played a role in the political evolution of the modern and the way Jewish thought and law has had a profound impact on democracy and why Jews vote as they do. With Rabbi Ken Spiro at Beth El Synagogue, Princeton, NJ.

Broadcast & Cable’s Tim Baysinger features the religious networks coverage of the Middle East including Shalom TV:  

The limits of Jewish pluralism in America are discussed by Brad Hirschfeld , Marc Kramer , and Rabbi Mike Uram at a conference of The Academy of Jewish Religion.

Pluralism 2.0: Synagogue Mergers

June 10, 2013
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Join us for an engaging panel discussion about how best to effectively merge synagogues. The panelists were: Linda Rich , Rabbi Steve Kushner , and the moderator, Rabbi Jill Hammer . This event took place at the Academy for Jewish […]

Rama Burshtein & Hadas Yaron

May 20, 2013
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Director Rama Burshtein and “Fill The Void” lead actress Hadas Yaron talk about creating a film that portrays a complicated circumstance within an ultra-orthodox family in Tel Aviv. “New Jewish Cinema” hosted by Judy Gelman Myers.

L’Chayim: Author Meg Akabas

May 8, 2013
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For Mother’s Day, parenting educator Meg Akabas discusses some of the insights offered in her book, “52 Weeks of Parenting Wisdom.” A special “L’Chayim” interview with host Rabbi Mark S. Golub.

L’Chayim: Dr. Ruth Westheimer

April 25, 2013
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Dr. Ruth Westheimer describes how she survived the Holocaust, made aliyah to Palestine and became a Haganah sniper, and grew to be America’s most beloved sex therapist an an intimate conversation with Mark S. Golub on “L’Chayim.”

Janet Tobias

April 8, 2013
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Director Janet Tobias talks about making “No Place On Earth,” her documentary about extraordinary people who lived in caves to survive the Shoah., with Judy Gelman Myers on Shalom TV’s “New Jewish Cinema.”

Ukrainian siblings Sam and Saul Stermer, and Sima and Sonia Dodyk, were among 38 Jews who lived in a cave during WWII for 18 months, thus surviving the Holocaust. Hear more on JBS’ “Witness,” taped at the Bnai Zion House in NYC.

L’Chayim: Jackie Mason

March 22, 2013
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One of America’s leading comedians, Jackie Mason talks seriously about his decision to break with his family’s tradition of serving as a rabbi, how his comedy grows out of his understanding of human nature, and how he feels about Israeli and US Jewry.