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October 29, 2010
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An analysis of how teachers should influence disciples is presented by Rabbi Mordechai Becher in this Talmudic lesson based on Ethics of the Fathers, entitled “Many Students Standing,” on the JBS original series “Dimensions of the Daf.”

Do Me a Favor

October 29, 2010
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What one does or does not owe a person who does one a favor is the topic of Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s Talmud lesson on this episode of “Dimensions of the Daf,” a JBS original series on Talmud study.

Principles of Belief

October 29, 2010
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Maimonides’ “Thirteen Principles of Faith” are explained by Rabbi Mordechai Becher on this week’s Talmud lesson entitled, “Principles of Belief.” “Dimensions of the Daf” is a JBS original series.

Pirkey Avot

October 29, 2010
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An introduction to Pirkey Avot, Ethics of the Fathers–the wonderful book of the Mishna that includes some of the most famous of all rabbinic sayings–is the topic of this “Dimensions of the Daf” episode with Rabbi Mordechai Becher, Senior Lecturer for Gateways and one of the most brilliant and entertaining Orthodox rabbis in America today.


October 29, 2010
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The Talmud’s description of Chanukah, and the different theories for why candles are lit for eight nights are explored in Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s special holiday lesson on “Dimensions of the Daf,” an original JBS series. Rabbi Mordechai Becher is Senior Lecturer for Gateways and one of the most brilliant and entertaining Orthodox rabbis in America today. […]

Barbara Fischman Traub (1/4)

October 20, 2010
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“Part 1: Before Auschwitz.” Barbara Fischman Traub, a survivor of Auschwitz, describes the bewildering and frightening months leading up to her deportation with the other Jews of her Hungarian city in May 1944. A four-part “Witness” presentation. Part 1 of 4.

Barbara Fischman Traub (2/4)

October 20, 2010
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“Part 2: To Auschwitz.” Describing her harrowing train journey from Hungary to Auschwitz , survivor Barbara Fischman Traub tells the second segment of her four-part story on “Witness,” a JBS original series. Part 2 of 4.

Barbara Fischman Traub (3/4)

October 20, 2010
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“Part 3: In Auschwitz.” Holocaust survivor Barbara Fischman Traub remembers her time in the Nazi death camp in Auschwitz during World War II. Part three of her moving four-part story re-told on the JBS original series, “Witness.” Part 3 or 4.

Barbara Fischman Traub (4/4)

October 20, 2010
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“Part 4: After Auschwitz.” Barbara Fischman Traub describes the end of WWII, her liberation from the Auschwitz death camp by the Russians, and why she is critical of how the Holocaust is currently portrayed. Final segment of her story on “Witness.” Part 4 of 4.

The unique values of the Jewish tradition and the challenges facing Jewish life today are discussed by one of most dynamic teaching rabbis on the world Jewish scene, Rabbi Ken Spiro, senior lecturer of Jerusalem Online U. “L’Chayim” with Mark S. Golub.