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Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Scholar of Arab culture and researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center, shares his insights about President Biden’s visit to the Mideast and Israel’s upcoming elections, with Shahar Azani on location in Tel Aviv.

Mivtza Ukraine

July 25, 2022
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A program of music, hope and support for the people of Ukraine, featuring world-class instrumentalists, cantorial arrangements, refugee stories, and messages of solidarity from Masorti/Conservative leaders from across the globe.

Elliot Steinmetz, the winningest coach at Yeshiva University and Division III Men’s Basketball Coach of The Year for three years running, reveals the magic behind the YU team, the secret to his historic 50-game winning streak, and how he combines sports and faith at the highest levels.

Thinking Out Loud: Pariahs

July 19, 2022
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JBS journalist Micah Halpern analyzes how three international pariah states- Russia, Venezuela, and Iran- interact with each other and serve each other’s interests on the international stage and behind closed doors. He also highlights the fraught case of Siamak Namazi, an American citizen who has been unjustly imprisoned in Iran since 2015 and is now […]

In the Spotlight: Annie Polland

July 18, 2022
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Annie Polland, public historian, author, and President of the Tenement Museum in New York City, joins Abigail Pogrebin in conversation.

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus, Alan Dershowitz, brings experience and expertise to his analysis of the appropriate role of organized religion in the U.S. constitution.

Thinking Out Loud: Zetzed!

July 13, 2022
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JBS journalist Micah Halpern analyzes the stunning speech recently delivered by Ukraine’s President Zelensky to Hebrew University via ZOOM, in which he openly castigated the state of Israel for not helping his nation enough in its battle against invading Russia. He also discusses an AP article that breaks down the specific reasons why Israel’s parliamentary […]

With a panel of experts, Robert Siegel looks at the state of immigration policy in the U.S., wonders if comprehensive reform is conceivable, and asks where this country is headed if not.

Eye on Israel: Ory Slonim

July 11, 2022
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Ory Slonim, special counsel to various Israeli Ministers of Defense, joins Shahar Azani to discuss his new book, A Knock At The Door, which recounts his decades-long work with Israeli MIAs and POWs and their families.

For a Shabbat with his congregation, Rabbi Hirsch welcomes members of Israel’s national security forces who are part of the Israel National Defense College, an institution that trains and empowers national security leadership of the State of Israel.