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Ep. 17 – Sex in Judaism

October 15, 2011
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Human sexuality in the Jewish tradition is reviewed in an ongoing study of the story of the Garden of Eden, including the rabbinic view of female sexuality, birth control, and the day most appropriate for sexual relations. Taught by Rabbi Mark S. Golub.

Ep. 05 – The Torah

October 15, 2011
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Learn about the Five Books of Moses and the relationship between the Torah and the Jewish Bible. Is there an American equivalent to the Torah? Why do Jews never call their Bible “The Old Testament?” Rabbi Mark S. Golub hosts “Jewish 101.”

Ep. 04 – Defining a Jew

October 15, 2011
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Learn the Jewish tradition’s definition of “What it means to be a Jew” through a midrash [rabbinic commentary] to a well-known verse from the Book of Ruth. “Jewish 101” is an original JBS series hosted by Rabbi Mark S. Golub.

Mama Doni Band: Shabbat Shaboom

October 15, 2011
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For children, the Mama Doni Band sings “Shabbat Shaboom” and “It’s a Challah-day”–part of their concert performed at the Museum for Jewish Heritage in New York City, produced by Doni Zasloff Thomas

Temple Treasures

October 15, 2011
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Learn about the Holy Ark and early Israelite history in a Talmud lesson entitled “What Happened to the Treasures of the Temple?” A JBS “Dimensions of the Daf” episode with Rabbi Mordechai Becher.

Mr. Bookstein’s Store: A New Year!

October 15, 2011
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It’s the world’s birthday! Celebrate with Shifra, Darah, and Fella on this special Rosh Hashanah episode of “Mr. Bookstein’s Store”.  An original production for children.

Hazamir Choir Concert

October 14, 2011
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HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir performs in its 17th Annual Gala Concert at Congregation Rodeph Sholom in New York. A project of The Zamir Choral Foundation, Matthew Lazar founder and director.

Jewish Baseball Players Tell All

October 14, 2011
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Former baseball players Ron Blomberg , Art Shamsky , and Elliot Maddux talk with journalist Richard Deutsch about their Jewish identity and being Jewish in the major leagues .

Hadag Nahash

September 23, 2011
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An Israeli hip hop/funk band, Hadag Nahash blends Western pop music with Eastern elements to create a sound tapestry on peace, tolerance and equality that also includes political and social protest. An exclusive Shalom TV presentation.

Noa (Achinoam Nini)

September 1, 2011
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Israel’s leading international concert and recording artist, Noa combines her Yemenite roots with 1960s musical influences Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Leonard Cohen. A Shalom TV exclusive series.