L’Chayim: Herb London

On L’Chayim, Herb London, founding president of the London Center for Policy Research, and author of Leading From Behind: The Obama Doctrine and The U.S. Retreat From International Affairs, sits with Mark S. Golub.


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  • Jerry Schechter

    I saw the program aired last night(October 26m 2017) and I had a few moments when I agreed with London, and many more in which I found him smooth, superficially plausible, and dismaying. He made two allegations which I have tried to verify. The first, that Barack Obama, as a senator, in an interview in The Atlantic called Israel “an infection.” I have tried, but I cannot find any trace of such a story.
    The second, that the independent journalist, I.F.Stone was an agent of the KGB is preposterous. Look at Stone’s record denouncing Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, the Moscow Show Trials, the Hitler-Stalin Pact. Some agent! On Israel: Stone did actually render Zionism a service by actually embarking with an underground voyage of DP’s from Europe to British Palestine and reporting on it to the American public. Yes, he did later take issue with the state of Israel over Palestinians, in the same way that Israelis themselves quarrel with their state, and we may disagree with him without smearing him as London did. Can you believe that his assertion that his father and Stone were friends? He called his own father a would-be Lenin for America. How much of his subsequent conversion to neo-conservatism is based on his feelings for that father? The achievement for which he seems to take the greatest pride is in the numbers he drew as a spoiler candidate for office. And he actually summons Rabbi Schneerson as a witness for it as an emanation of the divine will. On the other hand, I do find myself agreeing with London on the pernicious influence of Said’s Orientalism and the divestment movement, And even when I agreed with him about the fire chief who lost his job as a result of bigotry by the homosexual community–assuming that his story is accurate–he completely missed your point, Rabbi, that he should have found it equally abhorrent to the bigotry of the Right against them. What scares me most, is that this man was a dean at NYU?

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