JBS News Update – 10/12/21

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from October 12th, 2021

Stories Include:

Lapid Meets US Officials in DC,

Bahrain Has 1st Jewish Wedding in Decades,

Japanese Holocaust Hero Honored in Jerusalem,

Convenience Store Chain to Open in Israel


At 6:30pm it’s ILTV’s Insider.

At 7pm Ellie Cohanim meets with local business owners in Israel’s old city of Akko to discuss and try to understand the violent riots that occurred there last May.

At 7:30pm Naftali Bennett addresses the UN General Assembly for the first time as Prime Minister of Israel.

At 8pm, Following that UN address ,Bennett speaks to a gathering of Jewish leaders assembled by the Jewish Federations of North America for his first major in-person meeting with the US Jewish Community.

At 9pm Mark Golub sits down with Aryeh Green on L’Chayim.

At 10pm Elan Carr joins Jonathan Tobin to discuss critical race theory, extremism on the Internet, confronting Jew-hatred on both the left and right and more.


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