Aleph-Bet 1: Introduction

Introduction and overview of “From the Aleph-Bet” series 1, an original Shalom TV production for anyone of any age who wishes to read and understand the Hebrew language. Teacher Rabbi Mark S. Golub.



  • Gena Estrin

    Several times in my life I tried to learn Hebrew. Rabbi Golub, you do an excellent job breaking your lessons into digestible chunks. So far I have watched “Introduction,” “Lesson 1,’ & “Lesson 2” I learned more in 2 hours than I learned sitting through other lectures. Having the videos online on your website is absolutely perfect for me. I can pause & rewind if I want to note a new concept no one else has taught me. I am adding my notes to your PDF lesson plans too.

  • Carole Walters

    Today I listened to your introductory of Hebrew language. I’m an old gal and it is so rich to hear the roots of the words. As far,I have tried to find out if my family has Jewish roots ,and it’s only in my imagination. Love the language and the expressions used explaining the Lord. Thank you You are a wonderful people

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